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Shenzhen Ealeso Technology Co., Ltd is an international professional sex doll manufacturer specialized in the research development, production and sales of full body Silicone sex dolls. our real sex dolls mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Australia,etc. We are always committed to providing high quality sex dolls and safe adult dolls products to all clients with a most reasonable price.All of our sex dolls made of environmentally friendly material TPE and stainless metal skeleton inside. The love dolls' skin feel soft, smooth and elastic just like real humans',also they can do many kinds of postures as humans.As a professional sex doll manufacturer who owns outstanding engineers and experienced designers,we guarantee the product functions and a rapid production to offer attractive faces. We have been successfully launching many OEM faces and bodies in many other countries.Assembly lines and warehouse items must be checked consistently and  individually before shipment.We have been trying our best to offer top-end products and service to all the customers.and we wholesale sex dolls,silicone sex dolls,love doll,real sex doll,lifelike sex dolls, adult dolls,realistic dolls to you all over the world,In case you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.



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Phone: +86-0755 33581669

Tel: +86-0755 33581669


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